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BBE does publish guest articles providing they meet requirements of what the Network represents which is to empower people of colour mainly in Britain. We do not pay guest writers but we will credit them and have their work promoted. To be considered as a guest writer at BBE submit your article to the above email. The article should not contain more than 800 words and should not be plagiarised.


We also publish poetry and short stories. Poetry should not have more than 100 words. Short stories should not have more than 1500 words. Again poets and writers are not paid for their work but are acknowledged and credited.


We do feature Picture Of The Week, which could be anything inspirational from fashion, hair, selfies, emphasis on black beauty or anything that stands out and is creative. Pictures should be accompanied by a small description or caption, or a small summary not more than 100 words. Pictures should be of exceptional quality and not subject to copyrights.

Photographers and models will be credited for their work. We do accept pictures from around the world.


If you have a story that you believe needs to be heard, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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