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Ghanaian Fashion Designer Vanessa Harrison’s Dress Shines At Black British Entertainment Launch


Ghanaian based Fashion designer Vanessa Harrison of VH MODE is now officially the wardrobe sponsor for Black British Entertainment (BBE). Her dress titled ‘The Lock And Key’ was the dress of the night at BBE Launch and Nominee Reception on the 28th of October in London. Vanessa was inspired to design the magnificent dress for BBE. The stunning dress weighed 3.8 kgs and was made to fine detail with jeans, zips, lace and black velvet. The dress was all sewn stitched and couture.

The Lock And Key quickly became the attraction of the night, guests fell in love with it and were keen to know who the grand talented designer was. It had such a lasting impression that many ended up calling it, ‘the dress’

The lock and key dress designed by Vanessa Harrison.

Vanessa is known for her detailed exaggeration and fabric manipulation. Her artistic yet sophisticated designs have seen her designing dresses for high profile dignitaries and celebrities in Ghana and across the world.

Asked why she chose to be the wardrobe sponsor for Black British Entertainment, Vanessa said, ‘I have a passion for black power. I wanted to design a dress that defines what Black British Entertainment is about. The inspiration behind the dress is that we came out of bondage, but we now have the key, that’s why I called the dress The Lock And Key’.

Ghanaian Fashion Designer Vanessa Harrison

The dress had a stunning buckle and belt on the chest which Vanessa said represents the bondage and suffering of black people.

The dress was worn by Jean Gasho, the co-founder of BBE Awards who on the night gave a powerful speech about the foundation and vision of Black British Entertainment. Vanessa designed the dress incorporating Jean’s personality and passion, including her favorite color orange, which was subtle on the dress. Vanessa said her dresses are always personalized with her client’s personalities at heart.

Her powerful inspirational work speaks volumes and leaves lasting impressions on whoever wears her designs.

‘This dress was just magnificent, I have never worn anything like it. It was very BBE and I felt like a Black warrior Queen in it. It gave me so much confidence as I gave my speech, my passion for Black Empowerment was emulated in what I was wearing, The Lock And Key’, Jean Gasho said.

Jean Gasho, Founder of Black British Entertainment

Black British Entertainment Awards are set to take place on the 25th of November in London. BBE Awards are sponsored by YFM Ghana who is offering a chance for a listener to win a trip from Ghana to the UK for the awards ceremony, staying in a luxury Hotel courtesy of YFM and BBE.

For Vanessa Harrison’s stunning collection visit her website vhmode.com