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Women, How To Know If Your Black Man Does Not Love You


By Kofi Nino 

We are living in period of time where is really hard to tell if a man loves a woman or not. There are lot of unions out there which in the eyes of the women, their men love them. It’s easy for a woman to work at showing love to her man, but if a man doesn’t love a woman, it’s not easy for him to express love to her.

This situation is worse in the 1st world countries the UK where most women are the ones who marry black men. Due to the scarcity of black men in the 1st world, the women are left with no option but to sign up for a relationship which has no love from the man. The best description for most so-called love from the black men is rather ‘managing the relationship’.

My dear ladies, test the waters first before it’s too late. Have you ever wondered why there is a high divorce rate in the first world countries like the UK or USA? This is because the men are rather managing relationships with women they are not in love with.

Here are some of the tell tale signs that should tell a woman that a guy doesn’t totally love her.

If a man tells you that he was supposed to be with another woman rather than you more than once, he doesn’t love you and regrets being with you.

Men reveal their hidden truth about if they truly love you in the midst of an argument or within conversations. If he tells you more than once that he was supposed to be with another woman rather than you, he is literally telling you that you are a second option for him, and he gambled by giving you a chance. So, in that case, he is managing being with you not loving you.

If a man only tells you that you are beautiful when he is having sex with you, he doesn’t truly love you.

Sometimes men just need women to satisfy their sexual needs before they meet their right woman. The easiest words for a man who doesn’t love you is “Babes, you look alright, can we go now”. When you have to wait for him to tell you how beautiful you are only when he wants to get intimate, then he doesn’t love you but all he wants is to use you for sex

If a man gets more excited about watching porn than he does when he is being intimate with you, then he does not find you attractive and doesn’t love you.

When a man doesn’t find you attractive, but maybe with you because of your financial status, he may even run to the shower to watch porn before he can syke himself into being intimate with you. Some men have to fantasize about their dream women whilst they are being intimate with their partners. So if he’s always watching porn and dreading to come to bed with you, then he’s not in love with you.

If a man is always booking you holidays for you alone, or asking you to spend a lot of time with your friends than he does with you, he is not so much into you and does not enjoy your company.

When a man is not that into you, he will try as much to create ways of not spending quality time with you. He would rather keep you sweet by making sure you spend that time with friends or even family, whilst he uses that time to be with other women. Women love freedom and nice holidays, so they will mistake their partner giving them too much freedom and holidays as being loved.  This may be a sign that he is not into you.

To be continued…