By Kofi Nino

Here at Black British Entertainment, we love keeping it real, especially when it comes to the beauty of our black women.

When you walk down the streets and interview young black men about which body size lady they want to be with, 79% will say they want nice slim girls. This feedback from men is mostly lies. Black men have been forced to say they love slim girls because of the stereotype on fat or bigger ladies. The word fat itself has become an offensive word whilst the word skinny is seen as a compliment.  We live under the prejudice that a man who has sex with a fat woman or even wants to must be some kind of weirdo with a strange fetish and ought to be ashamed. It’s a sign of failed masculinity to “settle for” a fat woman, suggesting that you’re not man enough to score with the society’s portrayal of a  “good-looking” woman. If a man does have a romantic encounter with a fat woman, he’s supposed to keep it secret and never let his buddies find out that he has “gone hogging’.

From generations to generations, men have been made to believe that an ideal lady is one who is slim and slender. Beauty pageants crown slim ladies as their definition of beauty. Beauty adverts on TV only shows that slim nice girl, but deep down the black man’s heart, he wishes to be with a fat lady

Men love toys, something to play with when bored. That’s why men are sometimes called ‘PLAY BOYS’. In real essence, men love to touch, experiment and feel nice stuff. “I’ve got myself a new toy” What comes to mind is the man has bought a new car which he can ‘RIDE’ isn’t it?

Fat women have lots of flesh to cushion a man’s head when he wants to relax. The body of a fat lady is welcoming and creates that natural balloon bed for a man.  Men want to play with their big boobs, thick thighs, big booty and cute little side roll.

Nothing feels more special when a man finishes bathing in the night and on the bed is a lady who has occupied almost all the bed. Next will be sleeping on her and feeling her breath. Most men who are with fat ladies do not often buy pillows. Yes, there’s no need for a pillow when they have very soft soothing skin to put your head and reminisce. The big body is thrilling.

Men are happy with a woman who ‘fills out every inch of her jeans rather than the one who will need alteration before fitting.

So, don’t be in shock when celebrities like Usher end up sleeping with fat ladies behind closed doors or your husband is cheating with a fat lady.

In the UK a woman who is a healthy size 14 or 16 or even 18 is considered fat and not the ideal attractive woman, yet these are the sizes black women actually salivate to. I’m no way am I saying women need to be clinically obese, but society has put a standard on what obesity is, yet a size 16 woman is the dream woman of most black men.

There was a time when women with big bums were seen as unattractive in the white community, hence the saying, ‘honey does my bum look big in this?’ Yet today the standard of beauty is now a bigger bum and white women are paying a lot of money to get what a black woman is naturally blessed with.

Most celebrities that are portrayed on magazine covers and in the media as beautifully bodied are actually underweight and more unhealthy than a full figured woman.

Women who are big need to stop being offended by the word ‘fat’ but rather embrace the title and own it, just as women who are thin do not take offense at being called skinny, hence even the trending clothing ‘skinny jeans’. Maybe it’s about time we have ‘fat jeans’. If the media starts portraying fat black women as the standard of beauty, all black women will start to desire to be bigger.

Even pop princess Rihanna has ditched the skinny trend and is embracing her full black figure. The internet has labeled her ‘fat’. But if anything Rihanna looks more healthy and beautiful now than she has ever done.

Rihanna looking more beautiful with more flesh on.

So guys, rethink what society has told you that you should desire, do not be ashamed to step out with a big beautiful black woman.  A real woman is not a porn star or a bikini mannequin or a movie character. She has beautiful stretch marks on her hips and cute little dimples on her booty. Girls, don’t ever fool yourself into thinking you have to fit a certain way to be loved and appreciated. Black men actually love fat women.

So if you are a big curvey beautiful black woman who knows her worth, send us your picture at info@blackbritishentertainment.com and we will feature you as our trending picture of the week. #bbefatblackwomenchallange