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Afro-Pop Sensation Farhaan ‘Kazz’ Khan Wows The Crowd At African Diaspora Day In Milton Keynes


By Jean Gasho 

Award winning Milton Keynes based Farhaan Khan also known as Kazz wowed the crowd at Milton Keynes African Diaspora Day held at Cambell Park on Saturday. The Zimbabwean born Afro-pop sensation certainly made an impact at the well-attended event in Milton Keynes.

Afro-pop artist Farhaan Kazz Khan wowed the crowd in Milton Keynes

Hundreds of people turned up at the event to celebrate African Diaspora Day where a number of local talented artists were performing. However, it was Kazz who had the crowd dancing and jumping in awe of his energy and electric performance. As soon as Kazz took to the stage, the atmosphere in the park was filled with his infectious vibrancy and the younger generation could not get enough of Kazz’s catchy pop songs. Kazz’s rendition of the late Zimbabwean legend Andy Brown’s hit song Mapurisa was the performance of the day which got almost everyone on their feet dancing and singing along. Kazz’s own song Bata Musana was also a hit with the crowd.

So popular was Kazz’s that he was mobbed by the crowd when he finished performing. Black British Entertainment (BBE)was truly impressed by this rising star and saw Kazz as a force to reckon with in the Black British Music Industry.

Kazz with BBE Co-Founder Jean Gasho

As Kazz caught up with BBE, he was overwhelmed by the love and support the fans in Milton Keynes showed him. The crowd loved him, and so did BBE. He was a true BBE star.

Kazz also shared the stage with the legendary Kanda Bongo Man. The event was organized by Global Outreach Foundation Milton Keynes in celebration of African Culture.

WATCH Kazz’s remix to his hit song Kudana below.