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Your Fake Reign Is Over Kim Kardashian, You Will Never Be A Black Queen


Writer: Jean Gasho

She is the fifth most popular celebrity on Instagram with almost 100 million followers, just behind Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

On Instagram she posts pictures of her flawless polished big behind, which has become her trademark. She is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.

However, the beauty that she has claimed over years has backlashed. She has done everything in her power to clone her body into that of a black woman. She has given herself full lips. Is that not a black woman’s beauty? She has stuffed her bottom with implants. Curvy big round buttocks, is that not the trademark of a black woman? Yet Kim has gone to the moon and back to mimic a black woman’s beauty.

Kim Kardashian has been accused of photoshopping her Instagram pictures of her famous bottom.

Does she not look like a white Sara Buttman? Who was tortured and abused for a backside just like the one that Kim constantly displays?

Isn’t it ironic how black women are constantly publicly disgraced when they wear weaves? They are accused of self-hate and trying to copy the beauty of white women. But nothing is said when white women spend thousands of pounds on lips fillers and butt implants.

But finally, it has caught up with the fake “Queen of Butt” as she’s known. Her fake behind was exposed last week after unairbrushed unflattering photos of her famous behind were leaked.

The real butt of Kim Kardashian her doctor says it’s like an inflated balloon and should be a lesson to all women who seek after artificial beauty.

She has now lost over 100000 followers on Twitter since the photos were leaked. Her enraged fans have accused her of being fake, claiming that the unflattering paparazzi snaps are proof that Kim, 36, has been Photoshopping her Instagram images for years.

One commenter wrote: ‘Kim you make me feel sick talking about your flawless body when you run to the plastic surgeon for everything. There is nothing real about you.’

Another added: ‘And yet they want young ladies to look up to them. With such language they speak, I wouldn’t allow my dog to follow them, I am UNFOLLOWING.’

Her own doctor Dr Aaron Rollins has expressed his disgust with Kim’s deformed bottom, saying it looks like a deflated balloon. He told The Mail Online: “Let her serve as a lesson to anyone who wants to make a body part bigger.

“If they have cellulite there before the procedure, then it will be there afterwards, too. People need to think about that or it will look bad like Kim’s.

“It’s very big, maybe too big.”

The fake crown she has worn for years has finally fallen.

Maybe she needs to step aside and let the natural beauties shine.

Serena Williams is one of the most talented sportswomen in the world. But she’s not only blessed with talent, she’s beautifully endowed too, oozing melanin power. Her stunning toned bottom is one of her beauty trademarks. But because she’s a woman of colour, her beautiful body has been constantly shamed in the media. She has endured dehumanising comments about her physic. She has been cruelly accused of being a man amongst other vile racist and sexist abuse.

Serena’s beautiful toned body is often rediculed in the media and in sports.

Serena Williams is the epitome of true black beauty and strength. She has it all and does not need silicone to be injected into her buttocks to prove her beauty. She is a natural black queen.

As for Kim Kardashian, no matter how much she tried to copy black beauty, she will never be a black queen. We give that crown to its rightful owner, Serana Williams, and unlike Kim Kardashian, she also has talent and class.