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Wives, How To Keep Your Husbands From Cheating


By Kofi NINO

A lot of women have come to a place of accepting that no matter what they do for their men, they will never stop them from cheating.

Well, this is false.

It’s true that men by nature are easily lured by what they see and can cheat at any time out of curiosity or a desire to satisfy their ego. But even though a man is naturally a sexual beast, he can still be tamed. The only thing that can tame him is his own woman.

There are principles every woman must follow if they really want to keep their man from cheating.

No man will cheat with a woman who observes these three important principles…unless of course, he is a douchebag.

Be a friend to him more than a wife.

After marriage, men wants to hang out with their friends more than with their wives, though it’s supposed to be the other way round. You see ladies, before he proposed to you, he used to take you on dates, use sweet words when chatting to you on phone, buy you nice gifts etc. He would put a lot of effort to make you feel like you are the best thing that has ever happened to him.

But after the honeymoon, things starts to change. Men start to hold back a bit because they feel they have secured you for life. As a woman, your role is to try to reverse the situation of marriage back to friendship. Play the same games you used to play before marriage. Dress in the same outfits you used to before marriage. Apply the same kind of makeup you did when you were friends. Most importantly bath at the rate you used to before you were friends. Do not let the ticket of being a wife stop you from being a friend. Drop most of the ‘outlook’ of a typical wife and just be your husband’s best friend.

If you become his best friend, along with minimising the nagging too,  he will rather spend time with you than with his mates out there. Spending too much with other people and enjoying their company more than he does with you may end up being a temptation ground for your husband.

Be creative sexually.

Have a collection of sexy lingerie and sexy outfits that you wear in the house just for his pleasure. Men are attracted by what they see on a woman. Keep reminding him what you are made of.

Women should be ready to try different skills and styles to get him always wanting more. Tease him sometimes when he wants it. Give him a romantic touch around 3 am and be a tiger in bed. Yes, if he is even tired before bed, at that time of the night, his hormones will be alert. Use that as an opportunity to surprise him.

The next day, remember to tell him how good he was. Send him a text message describing how much you enjoyed him. Tell him as many times as you can, be explicit about it.

This will boost his confidence and he will look forward to pleasing you more and more.  He will take off his mind off other women and will always be thinking of you even when at work. He won’t think of someone new to impress.

Try different styles though it wouldn’t be the most comfortable for you as the woman. Men find missionary position boring and want to be adventurous with their wives.

Don’t be shy. Give him a passionate kiss in the car and reach down his trousers and be naughty. Those moments become part of men’s precious memories and stop them from wanting to be with other women.

It’s very important to note that when you don’t feel like having sex, tell him nicely. Don’t make him feel like he is bothering you. If a man feels he is a bother to you, he will walk out of the door and find another woman who will be happy to always have him and give it to him just the way he wants. There will always be women out there who love married men and will do anything for them.

Be submissive

Be submissive and let the man be the man. Be the woman and do not try to act equal to him. Respect him. Even when you earn more than him, don’t belittle him. Don’t tell him how broke he is. Complement him with assurance and believe in his hassle.

Keep him at the top! Surprise him with nice gifts, and never let him feel inferior when he’s broke. Cook him his favourite food and feed him well. They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

If his ego is killed by you because he has no job for example, when he finds a job later, he will find someone else to share his success with.

Being that independent strong business woman can push your lovely husband to even be with your nanny. Know how to balance work and home very well.

You may have a lot of money and be beautiful. But if you don’t follow the principles of keeping a man, he will cheat on you with the woman who is stroking his ego when you belittle him.

So listen ladies, do not only learn how to get a good man, but learn how to keep him to yourself too.