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Why Men Won’t Marry Women Who Are Too Beautiful


By Kofi NINO

The gift of beauty is a blessing and at the same time can be a woman’s curse. Nowadays most women do surgery, starve themselves, exercise and put themselves through all sorts of gruelling regimens to enhance their beauty.

They will do anything to look like that glamour model they see on a magazine cover or on TV. They want big boobs, slender bodies, flawless skin, thick lips, big butts etc but forgetting that they are just crucifying themselves eventually.

As we all know, marriage is a long journey and so men are always careful when it comes to making a choice. They want a woman who won’t intimidate them in the home. Too much beauty on a woman can be intimidating to men.

Marrying a woman who is too beautiful outwardly makes men feel insecure. They will rather have a very beautiful woman to enjoy and play when they are not yet ready to settle down.

It’s always the man’s fear to see a lot of other men look at his wife with lust and go, ‘wow, she’s hot!’

Even friends start wishing your death so they can be the first to console your beautiful wife.

Abraham had a very beautiful wife and had to lie that she was his sister to save his own life.

When a man has a wife who is too beautiful, sometimes he finds himself in awkward situations like for example, a man will be walking with his wife and another man will approach them and start to chat up the woman acknowledging the husband as her brother.

Beauty they say, lies in the hands of the beholder.  But when a woman’s beauty lies in the hands of an entire nation then there is a problem.

A man with a wife who is too beautiful won’t feel comfortable to travel leaving his wife at home. Even when she goes to the park, he’s always thinking that other men will be eyeing her.

To avoid these headaches which come with women who are just too attractive, men will choose modest nice women whose looks are not too intimidating.

The fear of high maintenance.

Too much high maintenance on artificial beauty like weaves, fake eyelashes and fake nails

The more the beauty, the higher the maintenance. There will be a budget for expensive makeup, fake eyelashes, expensive weaves, pedicures, manicures, SPA treatments etc. Men find this overwhelming even though they might even be earning a lot of money.

Beauty they say, lies in the hands of the beholder. This only works with the natural looking ladies who are comfortable in their own skin. But when a woman’s beauty lies in the hands of an entire nation or the world, then there is a problem.

Fear of man not having a voice in the relationship

Very beautiful women believe that they are hot cakes hence if their husbands leave them, there are other men who will readily want them. This tells the prospective husband that there’s no future for they will not be valued in the marriage.

The man feels he can’t disagree with the very beautiful woman because he doesn’t want her to leave him. Relationships where a man walks on egg shells have a high risk of collapsing.

So most beautiful celebrities, beauty models and actresses stay single for the above reasons. Yes, they might be dating and swapping men regularly but it will be hard to find men who will walk them down the aisle.

Surprisingly I always wonder why bridesmaids are more beautiful than the bride?
Keep your beauty as natural as possible
If a woman is too beautiful, she has to find ways to stay modest and not to over enhance her natural beauty else she will join the queue of those who lived but never fell in love.