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Stacy Francis Slams Brave Katie Price For Saying The N-Word Live On TV Whilst Defending Her Black Disabled Son


Stacy Francis has criticised Katie Price for saying the N-Word twice on This Morning last week. The glamour model who has a black disabled son Harvey with Dwight York went on This Morning to speak about the vile online abuse her son constantly gets for being black and disabled. As the brave mother of five spoke about the abuse, she boldly expressed the exact words that are used to describe her son, which includes the word nigger. Phillip Schofield advised her not to use the word on live television but she went on to say it again.

Brave Mother Katie Price and son Harvey


American singer/ actress and former celebrity Big Brother contestant Stacy Francis then took to social media to criticise the brave mother of 5 for using the N-word on live TV.

Stacy slammed brave Katie Price

Stacy wrote that Katie’s actions were “disgusting” and added that Katie should use her platform to discuss the derivation of the N word and how much pain it has caused a race of people.

She later added: “If she is going to use it then really help!! Real help is teaching and having compassion even in our own pain!”

Katie stood her ground and defended her use of the offensive word. Taking to twitter, Katie said, “Yes, I did use the word n***** because that’s what people call my son.

“They call him a blind n*****, black s*****c, they call him a g***y-w*g, so I’m glad I’ve made headlines using that word.”

“There are all people out there who have to put up with that kind of abuse and because I’m in the public eye I have to speak about it and it’s got to stop.”

Katie wants online bullying to be considered a criminal offence. She is angry that Harvey’s abusers have been arrested in the past but let go without any charges. She wants to use her influence as a public figure to change the law.

Whilst many viewers were shocked by her boldly saying the N word, she has gained a lot of support from her fans who are disgusted by the abuse her Harvey has had to endure.

Comedian Kojo Amin took to Facebook to defend the brave mum writing “ I don’t know why anyone is offended with Katie Price saying, Nigger. She wanted it to have the same effect it has had on her son. If you really don’t like the use of the word, sign her petition and put away people who use it to bully others.”

Katie Price’s petition finished today with more than 200 000 signatures and will be considered for parliament.