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Nakai The New Face Of BBE


When she was a little girl starting school, she was always the only black child in the school, asking why her hair was not long and flowing like the other white girls.

Her journey to self-worth has been a long one. It was hard for her being a black little girl in a white girl’s world.

As she turned 13 last month, Nakai marked her birthday with a photo shoot of how she sees herself today, a beautiful black girl who rocks.

She has grown to love her natural beauty, especially her natural hair. Today she is the only girl in her class who wears her hair natural.

Her birthday was marked with a turning point of self-belief. Belief in her inner voice. She believes in her melanin power. She believes in her natural hair, her crown.

She felt empowered by BBE and wanted to be part of it. She’s encouraging young girls of colour to embrace their hair and darker skin.

That is why she is the new face of BBE.

Meet teen model Nakai.