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In My Mama’s Eyes


In my mama’s eyes, I’m still El Niño*

The one she cuddled and breastfed from birth,

Did all she could to shield and protect her treasure,

And brought me up to love the Most High and fellow man

Though am matured and living the dream,

Funny enough, she still sees me the same way

In my mama’s eyes, I’m still that kid

Who had difficulty in dressing up and making ready for school?

Who comes home after school with the news of a missing shoe?

And a shirt with sweat and dirt

Though, I’m now a connoisseur in fashion, a corporate figure

And a man of high repute, she still sees me the same way

In my mama’s eyes, I’m still the youngster

Who back in the day was spelling my own name wrong?

And could not even recite multiplication table

Though, I’m now a financial expert, a chartered analyst

This woman sees me the same way

Such is the beauty of motherhood,

The joy of bringing up a child and watching him grow

No matter how successful or wealthy you’ve become

Mama sees you the same way

In her eyes, you are still a Niño*


*El Niño= (Spanish meaning of the baby)

Dedicated to my sweet mum and all mothers out there especially your mum…

Written by: Michael Kwame Adjei (Ozprix)