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Happiness Is NOW, Not A Destination


By Michael Kwame Adjei (Ozprix)

Most often than not we convince ourselves that life will be better. That in itself is a nice way of hoping for the best though current circumstances does not permit so. We often say it shall be well once we able to move out of our bad experiences, once we get most of the things we want in life, or once we finish school and get job. The funny part of it is that we all know our wants are insatiable but we always give ourselves the limit that when we reach out to it we will be happy. Truly, few of us are able to get to that point but then again the happiness that we seek for flies away because there is another “want” somewhere craven for our attention. Whiles few of us are able to get our wants at a particular point in time, majority of us tend to miss the mark always and as a result we often get discouraged and never get happy as we want to.


We usually motivate ourselves that once the set target is hit, happiness will fly around in our corridors forever like the autumn butterfly. There and then we get frustrated because our idea of being happy doesn’t match up and seems to last shorter than imagined. Our frustrations increase when another challenge is set before us and it seems insurmountable. We keep on postponing our happiness because we are always frustrated with current happenings, but the truth is that your life will always be mixed with challenges here and there for some time, probably for a long while. There always happen to be some hindrances along the way, some flight to catch the next day, some project to finish soon, some appointment to make, and a bill to foot.

‘We usually motivate ourselves that once the set target is hit, happiness will fly around in our corridors forever like the autumn butterfly.’

You will always be overpowered by life and the puzzles therein. Knowing how to live it, is what we must struggle to achieve from birth to demise. You’ve got to stop waiting for happiness to come at your door begging to enter, stop waiting for school to end before you become happy, stop waiting to lose some pounds. You don’t need to return to school before, don’t wait to begin work, don’t wait to get married, don’t wait for weekends or holidays, don’t wait for vacation, new apartment and a car, don’t wait for them to introduce you on stage, or for your music track to be played on radio/television before you become happy

It will be worth it if you admit, take responsibility and decide to be happy in spite of it all. There is no better time to be happy than right now…if not now, then when? You’ll never get the right time than NOW!

Photo credit: Bob Pixel