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Edris Elba shuts London down!


An open casting for a new film, directed by Idris Elba, has been “shut down”.

The actor had advertised for people wanting work as “paid extras” to show up at a London location to learn a “bit more about the project”.

Footage on Twitter seems to show massive crowds pushing to get in.

Police had to be called at the London casting due to overcrowding

In a video posted on Instagram, Idris Elba thanks people for coming down but says he’s been advised to cancel “because of the numbers”.

Idris Elba made his name in shows like The Wire and Luther. As well as acting, he’s also a DJ.

The event was originally advertised as an opportunity to work on a film “set in the Afro-Caribbean community in Hackney, 1983”.

But London’s Metropolitan Police tells Newsbeat that officers were called at around 6pm to reports of trouble.

“I got there at about quarter past five or so, I thought I would be halfway down the line,” Jaxx, who’s the director of a language agency, told Newsbeat.

“By the end of it there must have been a couple of thousand people there.

“People, I guess, were a bit sad when it was cancelled but I didn’t see anyone kicking off or anything.”

Idris Elba has responded in his own video.

“The response for the open casting has been unbelievable. Thank you so much for sharing the info and for coming down,” the actor said.

“We’ve only got until nine o’clock and already I’m asked to shut it down because of the numbers.”

He went on to say “for those guys who are standing in the cold, big up big up”, and suggested people send in headshots instead of showing up in person.