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Black Talent Soars At Britain’s Got Talent


Reporter: Jean Gasho

Black Talent seems to have taken over at the auditions of Britain’s Got Talent 2017

Daliso Chaponda 37

On Saturday 37 year old Malawian-born Comedian Daliso Chaponda left judges in stitches with his stand-up routine and got a golden buzzer from Amanda Holden on Britain’s Got Talent.

He wowed the judges and audience with his jokes about single life and Britain’s financial crises.

Amanda, who pressed the golden buzzer said, ‘I think you’re b****y hilarious. Self-deprecating, funny, brilliant. It was laugh after laugh. I want you to win the entire series – I think you could.’

Fellow judge Alesha said her face was ‘hurting from laughing’, while David Walliams said that Daliso ‘should be a comedy superstar’.

Simon added: ‘Not only do I think you’re an undiscovered little star. I could see you owning your own show. What you did was so funny, and naughty and unique.’

During his stand-up routine, Daliso was cheeky and made fun at the idea of the UK’s ‘financial crisis’, saying: ‘I am from Africa, I moved here 10 years ago. I heard a lot of people talking about the financial crisis. I’m from Africa – what are you talking about?

He continued: ‘I have not seen one Save The UK concert. You’ll have a financial crisis when this chav will have to walk five miles a day to get a bottle of WKD blue.

‘You’ll have a financial crisis when India starts opening call centres here.’

That got him a golden buzzer, taking him straight to the final live shows.

Tokio Myers

But he wasn’t the only black star who stole the show on Saturday, pianist Tokio Myers also wowed judges with a spell-binding performance of Debussy’s Clair De Lune and Ed Sheeran’s Bloodstream.

Tokio, whose real name is Torville Jones, grew up on a council estate and witnessed the headmaster Philip Lawrence being murdered at his school in London.

His beautiful audition got him straight to the next round as the judges loved him. Simon said: ‘Very clever. We’ve never really had an act like you on the show before. I absolutely loved that audition’.

Jeanette Akua 24

A former X Factor hopeful oozing with black talent also made a strong comeback on Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday night – impressing judges as part of a new girl group.

Jeanette Akua, 24, returned to perform in front of Simon Cowell again as part of four-piece The Miss Treats.

All four judges were impressed with the girl group as Jeanette – along with Lavelle, 22, Moesha, 19, and Bambi, 22-  belted out Salt ‘N’ Pepa’s Whatta Man.

Simon recognised the former X Factor contestant – who made up one-third of Miss Dynamix on the show in 2013 – straight away, asking why she had decided to audition as part of a different girl group.

For Jeanette coming back as part of a girl group definitely paid off, as they got through to the next round.

The judges praised their performance, with Alesha Dixon saying: ‘You’re really likeable. That was a really strong audition.’

Simon added: ‘What I loved was the chemistry, the sense of fun. Of all the groups, I think you could be the best ones we’ve had on Britain’s Got Talent’.

Sarah Ikumu 15

However off all the black talent, we have seen on Britain’s Got Talent this year, 15-year-old Sarah Ikumu has been the highlight of the series so far.

For such a young girl, she blew the judges with her powerful soulful voice prompting Simon Cowell to press the first golden buzzer of 2017 after her heart warming rendition of And I Am Telling You.

Sarah who lives in Milton Keynes with her parents who are from Kenya has since become a global vocal sensation.

She and other black talented acts have shone so bright at this year’s Britain’s Got Talent that surely the winner has to be popping that melanin power this year!