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Are you living your purpose?


By Michael Kwame Adjei (ozprix)

The purpose of life on earth has eluded many and so living here on this planet has become but a purposeless adventure. Many are those who have no idea why they are living. With no knowledge of why they are here or having faith in the higher role of man, they have only a scanty conception of the real meaning of life in its entirety: its drive, its purpose, the potentials, and its significance.

It is worthy to note that, knowing the purpose is one thing and living it is another, interestingly those who know the purpose of life in one way or the other find how to live it in spite of the difficulties. Knowing the purpose of your life does not guarantee a smooth ride but it conveys the awareness and makes it worth living.

A teacher while having lessons with his class on unselfishness concluded with this: “we are in this world to help others.” After a little while one boy asked him, “Well then sir, what are the others here for?”

I personally believe that the whole duty of man is to live that all others and himself benefit in one way or the other. Whatever we plan to achieve in life, whatever we set mind on to do, if it doesn’t benefit mankind but destroy them, we are missing the mark.

More importantly, we are here to give a word to the weary; a hand to the fallen; a lift to the burdened; an example to the erring; a drink to the thirsty; food to the hungry; and a light to those in darkness. Our humanity demands it. In all our endeavours our higher calling is to serve one another and make ourselves available and beneficial.

This life is but a school. When school vacates, we shall surely go home.