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Alison Hammond Demands TV Presenter Angellica Bell Appear More On The One Show


This Morning presenter Alison Hammond demanded that TV Presenter Angellica Bell appear on The One Show more regularly after she provided unplanned entertainment on BBC’S The One Show last night. Angellica opened a bottle of champagne for the first time ever causing an explosion in the studio. Allison Hammond then tweeted, “More @angellicabell on the Tv please @theoneshow smashing it!”

Alison was very impressed with Angellica

THERE was chaos on The One Show on Wednesday night as the studio was soaked in champagne.

Show presenters Matt Baker and Angellica Bell decided to crack open some bubbly after watching a segment on the UK’s blossoming sparkling wine industry.

Angellica decided to make history!

However things went wildly wrong when Angellica decided to pop off the cork – revealing she had never opened a bottle of champagne in her life before.

Matt offered the guests some champers – before fearing the opening process could end in disaster.

“This is the thing – whenever I open a bottle of anything on this show, it always seems to explode. I don’t know if it’s warm studios or this, that and the other,” Matt said, as he began unwrapping the bottle head.

Angellica then bravely offered to do the honours, asking: “Do you want me to have a go?”

The star confessed it was her first time to open a bottle of champagne

Astonishingly, she then confessed she had never done so before, saying: “But I’ve never actually opened of champagne. Or anything!”

The Hairy Bikers offered advice, suggesting: “Hold the cork and twist the bottle!”

Inevitably Angelica – looking terrified – popped open the bottle and the contents exploded all over the studio.

“Matt! Did you shake that?!” the TV babe asked after she stopped screaming in surprise.

Chaos: Champagne exploded all over the studio

Seconds later, the star was making even more mess as she pulled vegetables out of a soil-filled tub which had questions attached to them.

The star looked embarrassed as she ripped out one carrot a little too enthusiastically, sending soil raining down on the studio tables and floor.

Angellica’s appearance on the show was nonetheless a hit with viewers.

One viewer echoed the sentiment, tweeting: “I’ve always said Angellica should fill in much more. She’s lovely & Matt has a far better rapport with her than the other girls.”

The One Show airs on BBC One weeknights at 7pm.